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RHMS Eagles’ Den

RHMS students from Grades 1 to 8 are participating in an exciting new extra-curricular activity, designed to bring an extra level of challenge and fun to our school environment titled the “RHMS Eagles’ Den” inspired by the television program the “Dragons’ Den”. Each student can propose either a Business product, service, application or School Initiative to a panel of judges assembled from teachers, administrators and students. Business ideas are fictitious, while School Initiatives have the potential to be enacted school-wide.

The presentations take place on Google Meet and each student has 15 minutes to present their idea virtually using Google slides as support. To be accepted, a pitch must receive 3 out of 5 “yes” votes from the Eagles.

We would like to acknowledge the wonderful students who participated in our first round including pitches from students in Grade 3, 6 and 7. Accepted pitches in the (Fictitious) Business Category were: bluetooth enabled gum that can detect cavities and clean your teeth and an open house service focussed on promoting pet adoptions. An approved school initiative was the proposal of an extra-curricular opportunity for students to show off their coding skills.

We are currently accepting applications to pitch for the next round of Eagles’ Den slated for early May.  This time around the RHMS Eagles are looking for your environmentally-focussed business/services pitches. 

Applications are due by Friday, April 30th.

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