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The Art Of Lettering

RHMS students from grades 3 through 8 created beautiful pieces of Lettering Art. They crafted their art by hand using various materials and also used Procreate and Photoshop digital drawing applications.  The outcomes were spectacular!  

Lettering is a term that covers the art of drawing letters, instead of simply just writing them.  It is considered an art form, where each letter on its own, in a phrase, name, or within a quote acts as an illustration.  Lettering is created as an image, with letters that are meant to be used in a unique form or layout.  

RHMS students created illustrative and graffiti names, monograms, illuminated manuscript letters and raining letters.  The various letter art styles were plentiful and the students were able to show their amazing artistic talents both by traditional hand-drawn methods and with the use of their RHMS devices and programs.

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