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Complex Zentangles

RHMS students in grades 3 through 8 focused on a line and texture unit to fully understand the detail and patience that goes into creating artwork that is reflective of two very important elements of art.  Each grade incorporated the use of zentangles (various types of lines that are tangled together to depict intricate and creative line designs and patterns, often referred to as the combination of art and meditation) within some form of landscape piece.

The students were required to add some complex zentangles to really show their focus and patience with creating work that has quite a bit of detail.  They accepted the creative challenge and were able to show their focus and understanding of the concepts presented and taught to them.  They also had a great opportunity to work with mixed media, using Sharpie markers and watercolour paints, which helped strengthen their art techniques, skills, and the ability to control the materials they use within a particular artwork.

 Their final masterpieces were truly zen!

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