To provide the best quality education, RHMS was designed and constructed by world-renowned architectural firm IBI Group across from the David Dunlap Observatory, in the heart of one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Richmond Hill. 

Situated on a seven-acre, tree-filled campus, emphasis on the natural environment provides a setting conducive to a quality education.
RHMS provides a home-like feeling in a school environment. The school is equipped with ultra-modern facilities to make your child’s learning experience unforgettable.

An Introduction

    • Interior Front Entrance

      Interior Front Entrance

    • School Corridors

      School Corridors

    • Primary Elementary Class

      Primary Elementary Class

    • Computer Lab

      Computer Lab

    • Montessori Classroom

      Montessori Classroom

    • Science Lab

      Science Lab

    • Elementary Gym 1 of 2

      Elementary Gym 1 of 2

    • In House Theatre

      In House Theatre

    • School Library

      School Library

    • Private Tour Waiting Area

      Private Tour Waiting Area

    • Montessori Reception

      Montessori Reception

    • Elementary Office

      Elementary Office

    • Ample Parking Area

      Ample Parking Area

    • West Pitch Playing Field

      West Pitch Playing Field

    • Aerial View of School

      Aerial View of School

    • Upper and Lower Pitch

      Upper and Lower Pitch

    • Weldrick Road Entrance

      Weldrick Road Entrance

    • South Tower

      South Tower

Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.