The curriculum is also highly adaptable. In addition to the classroom, after-school programs and clubs may be offered to enable students to enhance a specific area of interest or skill.
Today’s child is more engaged with technology than ever before. Children intuitively and quickly learn to navigate electronic devices to surf the Internet, draw on a tablet, and create highly imaginative and complex structures in videogames, all with very little guidance.
The objective of the RHMS Computer Studies Program is to have students become digital creators, not merely digital consumers. Our curriculum bridges the gap between students’ technological experiences and their understanding of how technology is made, and its functional use and purpose in the future.
Computer Studies is offered to Elementary students in five different streams: Foundations (Digital Citizenship), Website Design, Photography and Graphic Design, Video and Animation, and Computer Programming. Using a highly collaborative and inquiry-based approach, students are expected to seek out solutions, and work together to solve problems, answer questions, and create technology.

Grades Two & Three

The foundational concepts of keyboarding and using Microsoft Office are taught in Grades Two and Three. Students are introduced to the basics of Web Design using a number of well-known and commonly used design tools such as WordPress. Creativity is developed and collaboration is encouraged in Digital Photography, Video and Programming units.

Grades Four & Five

Students in Grades Four and Five continue to learn foundational digital citizenship concepts such as Internet safety and identifying proper sources on-line. 
In Grade Five students will progress in Web Design, learning more advanced ways to customize their website.  Students will continue to develop their skills in Digital Photography learning tools such as Photoshop, Video and Animation, using iMovie and techniques such as stop-motion and Programming with Scratch by MIT.

Grades Six to Eight

This stream is focused on the high-level application of knowledge gained in previous years. Much of this content is many years above what is currently taught in elementary education.  Students discuss the realities of Cyberbullying and being responsible citizens in a digital, social world.  Students will learn high-level concepts in Web Design, coding HTML and CSS.  They will work in Graphic Design using tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Video and Animation using Adobe Premiere and Programming using Xcode to make their own iOS applications.

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