Our Physical Education program builds on the concepts learned at the preschool level by promoting self-confidence and reinforcing the benefit of physical fitness in maintaining good health.
Good health is paramount to leading a fruitful and successful life. RHMS is proud to put forth a curriculum that incorporates good health and regular exercise into the daily lives of our students. Our Physical Education program fosters an environment where students can learn the skills, techniques, and rules of a broad range of sports such as ball hockey, badminton, volleyball, and basketball, among others.

Our students build strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, and develop confidence, creative expression, freedom of movement, problem-solving skills, and the ability to work as a team to reach a common goal. Students learn how to demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome of a game and play cooperatively and respectfully with their peers. Our two gymnasiums are well equipped with age-appropriate sports equipment and protective gear. Gym 1 is used by Grades 1-3 and Gym 2 is used by Grades 4-8. We encourage you to visit our facilities page to see our gymnasiums in more detail.

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