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French Writing Contest

Nous sommes tellement excités d’annoncer le concours d’écriture français! 
Hello RHMS! We are so excited to announce the upcoming French Writing Contest!
This year all Primary, Elementary and Senior students will be taking part in a French Writing Contest that focuses on the students’ ability to turn their French language learning into their very own pieces of French writing.
Each grade will be creating stories according to their respective curriculum themes and of course appropriate to their level and ability. All writing and editing will be taking place within their French-class hours, in order for them to truly be able to focus and get the support they need in the process of writing in French.
Writing begins January 18th and will finish February 24th. This contest will allow students to learn or solidify their concept of the writing process while also synthesizing their old and new French knowledge into their writing.

All students will present their stories in class and then finalists will be selected and announced on March 24th. Finalists will then present their work to our judging’ panel on March 27th. Stay tuned for further details about the final judging and winners-announcements.
“Bonne chance à tous!”
Writing Topics by Grade and Judging Groups:
Grade 1: L’histoire de moi! (The story of me!)
Grade 2: Qu’est-ce qui se passe après la pièce? (What happens after their French play?)
Grades 3 & 4: Je rééris la pièce! (Re-writing or expanding upon their French play stories)
Grades 5 & 6: J’écris une conte! (I write a fable!)
Grades 7 & 8: J’écris une histoire de suspense! (I write a suspenseful story!) ​ 

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