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Blast Off Into Space!

We are going on a trip on our favorite rocket ship!
This month, we have had buckets of fun in our class!  We all put our astronaut suits on and travelled through our solar system. During our journey, our little scientists always asked interesting questions, such as, “ Is our planet going to become as poisonous as Venus if we cut our forests?” or  “ Will we ever be able to live on Mars?”  The children all worked together and came up with a space story which they also illustrated and finally put together like a book. 

In the end, as we came back to our planet, we travelled all the way to the center of the Earth and we explored all its layers. The children were really fascinated by the Mantle where they wanted to stop for a while and find out how volcanoes form and erupt.  When we finally returned to our class, the children were really eager to build their own volcano and experiment with it. We all can't wait for the next chance to embark on our next journey!

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