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History Comes To Life

“Canada entered World War I as a colony, and it came out as a nation.” - Bruce Hutchison
War is an event that serves as a reminder for future generations that conflict will always be present, but it is the method in which we handle it that really matters.

Canada’s war efforts represent ultimate courage and bravery in the face of difficulty. Most notably, Canada’s courage shone through in the battle of Vimy Ridge. Vimy Ridge is a historic event for Canada, as it showed our strength as a nation and furthered our desire for independence.
As the 100th Anniversary of this important historical event will be observed on April 9th, 2017, the Grades 7 and 8 were treated to a presentation from Mr. Cooper, the father of a grade 7 student.
Mr. Cooper discussed the effort, planning, courage, and sacrifice that ultimately lead to Vimy Ridge’s monumental triumph for Canada. He stressed the fact that war is a result of a failure of peace, and therefore we should be grateful that we live in a community that is protected from such tragedies. Mr. Cooper also lamented the lives lost and discussed the memorial to commemorate them. He concluded by advising that we respectfully and proudly observe the 100 year anniversary of Vimy Ridge, as it holds so much significance for our country.
Mr. Cooper, who has over 16,000 hours of military and civilian flying experience and has served our country bravely for twenty years, will participate in the celebrations organized at Vimy ridge this year.

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