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Living Green

Grade 8 students experience how living green can make a difference in our world. 
Last week, the grade eight’s visited the Green Living Show. This show has been going on for years, but this year was its 11th anniversary. The Green Living Show is a huge convention that involves hundreds of different sustainable businesses, who are all making an effort to make a change in our world.
From organic and healthy soaps to energy efficient devices, these businesses had them all! Each was unique for trying to find their own way to make the items we buy so much of today more sustainable for our environment.
Learning from these different businesses, we should all indulge in the importance of environmental stewardship. Currently, corporate companies mass produce products without a thought to their effect on our ecosystems, so it is crucial to start correcting our mistakes. The grade eight’s (and their teachers!) also had a chance to meet the Water Brothers; two brothers who create documentaries that help explain the importance of saving our environment and water quality.
The businesses at the Green Living Show proved to us that in order to see a change in the world, we first have to start doing the little things that add up. Whether that is simply picking up litter you see in the streets or starting a campaign to save our environment, every act helps! Unsustainability is a huge issue today, which is neglected because of the fact that we take things for granted. Stewardship and more importantly respect towards our environment, will ensure a healthier and brighter future to come!
By: Natalie .M. and Aditi .S. (8A)

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