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You’re In It, Do You Have It?

How will you remember another great school year? Purchase your RHMS yearbook!
Be sure to order the 2016-2017 RHMS yearbook from www.treering.com. The yearbook will be a look back at the fun-filled memories your child has made this school year. It will include pictures from our Montessori and Elementary students as well as activities and special events your child has participated in. In addition, each yearbook comes with the opportunity for you to customize certain pages with your child’s favourite memories and photos.
To purchase and customize your yearbook, please visit www.treering.com. To create your TreeRing account, if you do not already have one, please log in with the RHMS passcode (1013589536442212).
We hope you will enjoy looking back at another great year at RHMS.

Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.