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Journey In Time

RHMS Grade 2 students learn to live like the pioneers at Pickering Village Museum. 
On May 23rd, the grade 2 students had a fabulous time at Pickering Village Museum on a beautiful spring day. They studied who the pioneers were, where they came from, and what they had to go through to start a permanent life in Upper Canada. They also learned that being a pioneer was not easy and everyone in the family had to work hard (including the children)! Laziness was not an option. To culminate our pioneer unit, the students had an opportunity to experience it for themselves!

On this trip, the grade two’s made ropes, wooden nails, and candles.  In addition, they had the opportunity to grind wheat into flour and cook scones over a fireplace. Out of all of the experiences, the most relatable for the students was being able to role-play and attend school in pioneer days. They had to make sure they entered the school in a straight line, be on their best behaviour, speak only when spoken to, and write on a slate using coal. After their hard work, they were given an opportunity to go outside to play some games that pioneer children used to play. Believe it or not, we still play some of those games today! How cool is that?

Take a look at some of our photos and travel back in time with us!   

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