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Magnificent Math Manipulatives

Grade 3 Students Use Some ‘Funipulatives’ for Math.
The grade 3 students had an opportunity to use many manipulatives for their measurement unit in math.  The 3-D objects served to be a great help (and great fun) to further the understanding of their lessons.  They had a great time working with linking cubes, centimetre cubes, and the GIANT Metre cube!  The best part was creating the Massive structure, since they each had an opportunity to go in it and really see the actual size of such a measurement.  It was also fun sharing examples of what three dimensional measuring units could be used to measure certain items they come across each day in their outside-of-school environment. 
Truly some hands-on learning and authentic connections happening within the walls of RHMS.  Volume = L x W x H?  More like Volume = F x U x N!  “Funipulatives” for math class can’t be beat!

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