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A Marketplace Through Time And Place

RHMS Grade 4 students learn about Ancient Mesopotamia and create their own marketplace. 
Recently, all grade four classes participated in a hands-on project that collaborated all their learning about Ancient Mesopotamia. Students researched, planned, presented, and reflected about the cultures of that time by participating in a “Marketplace” set in ancient times. Students presented in the most creative of ways in front of a grade three classes. One of the big highlights was the bartering and selling that occurred among the grade 4 and 3 students. Our grade fours used many different crafted items (such as bracelets, necklaces, artifacts, cuneiform tablets, paintings, etc.) natural food, (such as dried fruit, fresh fruit, bread and butter, vegetables, etc.) and ‘Meso Coins’ to trade with the grade 3 classes. This project included many elements including reading, researching, writing, collaborating on, designing and presenting information; it solidified student understanding of life in Ancient Mesopotamia and gave our students an appreciation of the everyday lifestyles of its citizens. Student enjoyment was seen on all their faces during this learning time.  

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