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Soil Is Too Important To Be Treated Like Dirt!

Scientists in Schools visit the Grade 2 Science Classes.
We see worms outside all time, especially after a rainy day. The grade twos got to see and interact with worms inside the science lab when Scientists in Schools came to visit.  Learning about worms was just one of five extraordinary stations the students experienced to help them understand and appreciate the importance of soil.

Healthy soil supports healthy plants. The grade twos tested for nitrogen in various soil samples, experimented to see which types of soils roots might grow best in, studied the effects of erosion, distinguished between the different clay, silt, and sand particles that compose the earth’s soils, learned about the organic matter in humus, created soil profiles, and of course, discovered all the good worms do, including returning nutrients to the soil. It’s no wonder the children are so excited to continue their learning in the coming soil lessons!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who managed each station and helped the children through this inquiry process!

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