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Rocks Sink While Grade 1 Minds Soar

Grade 1s Learn What Floats and What Sinks

Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School students followed up last week’s science lesson on mixing liquids with two new experiments on mixing solids with liquids and testing which solids float. They were also introduced to the Scientific Method. First students made predictions about which solids would sink or float. Then they watched on excitedly as they dropped a sponge, a paperclip, a rock, a piece of paper, and a coin into a bucket of water and found out which predictions came true. They then documented their conclusions and learned two new words, “dissolve” and “buoyant”, to describe their discoveries. Students were also awarded points towards their house and put marbles into their house beaker for correctly answered questions. 

Click Here to See the Grade 1 Scientists in Action

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