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#STEM Robotics and Coding in the Classroom

Grade 6 Students Build and Program Robots

Amazing things were happening today in Mr. Mike Washburn’s Grade 6 Computers class, where students built and programmed their very own robots. They learned how to efficiently engineer their robots so they would travel in straight lines, and in a future lesson they will be able to maneuver their robots through a maze! They used a coding software program powered by Scratch which was created at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Each group gave their robots a name and connected them by Bluetooth using their Macbook laptops. It was a fantastic way to get the class involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The students applied academic concepts to practical applications which allowed them to make real connections to the world around us. What exciting things will Richmond Hill Montessori and Elementary Private School students be inventing and building in our near future?

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