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We've Got Rhythm

RHMS Senior Students Practice Rhythmic Skills in a Flipped Classroom Experience

The students in Grades 4-8 Music have been participating in a flipped classroom experience where rhythm takes centre stage. Through her Master of Education studies, Ms. Serena Meharchand has been learning how to implement a successful flipped classroom – a unique and advanced teaching method that uses online resources to deliver instructional content, while collaborative work and practical exercises are done in class.
The students in Grades 4-8 are now able to listen to rhythms in multiple time signatures and produce them both aurally and visually. Thanks to the flipped classroom, students could work at their own pace while building on their rhythmic abilities. They even produced their own rhythms and shared them with their classmates in order to embody a leadership role within the classroom. Ms. Meharchand looks forward to working within this framework again as students' musical abilities continue to grow throughout the school year.

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