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Grade 5 Students Experience Cross-Curricular Learning in Music

Over the past month, the Grade 5 students have been learning all about the Elements of Music. Through compare and contrast activities, students have been identifying each element in both original and cover songs of popular music and noting their importance to the overall meaning of the song. Students used charts, presentations and individual contemplation in order to arrive at their aural observations.

New to the unit this year, the students were taught how to visualize music in terms of colours. Buiding upon the principles of warm vs. cool colours, Ms. Meharchand led the students through interactive activities that allowed the students to access their visual arts abilities while conveying the elements of music heard in each song. Students then compared their creations with each other, noting how they used colour and space to represent what they heard. Their work can be seen on the bulletin board outside of room 317. Here’s to music and art coming together!

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