Guiding Principles

Empower Children

  • To create their own identity with purpose and ambition
  • To build honourable character
  • To be independent leaders
  • To be successful on whichever path they choose
  • To believe in endless possibilities

Innovative Curriculum

  • That is based on proven learning tools from around the world
  • That is well in advance of the standardized curriculum
  • That is always evolving with demands of society and latest research
  • That provides an abundance of educational tools
  • That uses the most effective and current technology

Retain Outstanding Staff

  • Who understand the needs of students
  • Who go beyond the call of duty
  • Who are nurturing, ambitious, and motivated
  • Who are the best qualified and highly trained
  • Who are appreciated and recognized

Provide a Positive Learning Environment

  • That is always optimistic, peaceful, and accepting
  • That practices open communication between students, staff, and parents
  • That is an extension of the student’s home
  • That is constantly safe and nurturing
  • That has the most modern, state-of-the-art facilities

Cultivate Active Community Leaders

  • Who raise social and global consciousness
  • Who have compassion for humanity
  • Who are active community participants
  • Who uphold environmental responsibility
  • Who embrace diversity and multiculturalism

Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Through teaching the importance of holistic nutrition
  • Through participation in physical fitness activities
  • Through promotion of positive mental health
  • Through a clean and sanitary environment
  • Through setting a proper example


To empower children to find purpose and ambition in life.


Through innovative thinking and a fostering environment, we inspire children’s intellectual, creative, and physical potential to develop a passion for lifelong learning, health, the community, life and its wonderful challenges.


To nurture each child’s distinct talents and ensure every child feels comfortable, challenged, and confident they can achieve anything.


For the love of learning.

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.