• The Science of Coding and Robots at #MontessoriToronto #MontessoriMarkham #MontessoriSchoolNearMe in #GTA

      Montessori Science

      Students are Introduced to Coding and Robotics In Montessori Science

      The Science of Coding and Robots at #MontessoriToronto #MontessoriMarkham #MontessoriSchoolNearMe in #GTA

    • Science setup in #MontessoriSchool #AccreditedMontessoriSchools #MontessoriNearMe in #MarkhamMontessoriSchools

      Montessori Science

      Montessori Students in the RHMS Science Lab

      Science setup in #MontessoriSchool #AccreditedMontessoriSchools #MontessoriNearMe in #MarkhamMontessoriSchools

Children, by nature, are curious, ask questions, and love exploring their world. Science for preschool-age students can include what they see at home, in their neighbourhood, and the outdoors. Montessori preschool students benefit from exposure to Science.

Throughout our two-year Montessori preschool program, students are introduced to a variety of science concepts, presented in sensorial ways to provide real-life experiences. Students learn about the solar system, plants and animals, and the human body using a variety of materials to understand how a seed can grow into a tree, the life cycle of a butterfly, or the different functions of the human body.

Montessori students also have the opportunity to visit the RHMS Primary Science Lab to conduct experiments and introduce students to the wonders of science that they will explore later in Grade 1. Exciting workshops in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) also introduce Montessori students to practical and complex subjects like coding and robotics, preparing them at the earliest stages for the changing technological world.

“Our universe is a sorry little affair unless it has in it something for every age to investigate.” 
― Seneca

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