• Music and Fine Arts at Registered Montessori Schools  #MontessoriSchoolWeldrick #RichmondHillMontessoriSchool #RHMSCA

      Montessori Music

      Fine Arts Montessori Music Program encourages literacy skills and creativity

      Music and Fine Arts at Registered Montessori Schools #MontessoriSchoolWeldrick #RichmondHillMontessoriSchool #RHMSCA

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      Montessori Fine Arts

      Artistic qualities and creative thinking are developed in Montessori Fine Arts classrooms

      Fine Arts at #GTA #BestMontessoriSchoolNorthYork #BestMontessoriSchoolVaughan ##BestMontessoriSchoolMarkham #MontessoriSchoolsinCanada


Our Music program is designed to foster a child’s natural ability, creativity, and imagination. Children respond innately to music. Exposure to music at a young age assists a child’s development both socially and academically.

The primary objective is to enhance the child’s potential to learn through music, to encourage cognitive and literacy skills, creativity, and individuality. Children learn about rhythm, instruments, singing, dancing, composers, and performers. They are exposed to a variety of musical styles from children’s music to classical, folk, jazz, cultural, and current popular pieces.

It is our goal that our students gain a sincere appreciation for the musical arts and a better sense of self-awareness, expression, and confidence. Children discover their love for music and movement and the platform to express themselves musically and creatively.

Dramatic Arts

Dramatic Arts education is a valuable means of stimulating creativity in the classroom. Imagination is encouraged while exploring the world of magical kingdoms, fantasy, and fairy tales in Drama class.

Through group activities, children are inspired to think creatively to develop ideas and solutions. They gain an understanding of how to work together, to cooperate, and participate. They learn to value their own viewpoints and contributions and those of others.

Children are exposed to a variety of dramatic art forms including theatre performance, storytelling, creative thinking, writing, pantomime, puppetry, public speaking, and language. When children engage in dramatic arts activities, they are given a stage to express themselves and to build self-esteem and confidence. Children soon discover how rewarding it is to use their own creativity and imagination.

Visual Arts

Our Art program is designed to awaken and develop the artistic qualities and creative thinking within a child. Our program goes beyond learning basic arts & crafts and teaches children the fundamentals of art including colour theory, drawing techniques, and exploration of cultural art history.

It is our goal to enhance the artistic nature within each child by teaching an appreciation for and awareness of the diversity of art that surround us. Through specific art instruction, children develop a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance, and pride in their work. Children are exposed to a variety of art forms: mosaic art, working with clay, drawing, painting, shape art, patterns, and pastel art, among others. Children will naturally discover an appreciation for art and realize they, too, can be creative and artistic.

At the completion of our three-year Montessori program, students will demonstrate appropriate hand and eye co-ordination, follow instructions to complete arts activities, use various classroom materials to independently create art, and experiment with different art media.

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