French is a key component of our core curriculum.

The ability to speak French in this global age provides a great advantage for students and is a key factor in academic success. Learning our country’s second official language will not only enhance a student’s overall skills in learning, but can also expand his/her career opportunities, promote understanding of different cultures, and create bilingual citizens of our children.

Beginning in grade four and continuing until grade eight, our students begin with simple words that eventually grow into conversations. Our curriculum focuses on an intense study of grammar, creative writing, and conversations. Students looking for additional challenges are also encouraged to participate in the French reading program, and the French club. Students with a strong French background, and who can speak fluently, meet and complete activities in an all-French immersion environment.
Learning a second language at an early age is always a positive influence on a young student’s mind. We also believe it is important to learn about other cultures: how wonderful it is that within our own country we have another language to explore and research.

Additionally, intermediate students participate in the French Story Writing Contest, giving them a creative outlet to showcase their proficiency in French.

French Poetry & Prose

The following poem was written by two RHMS students for our annual French Poetry & Prose Contest.

This work was awarded second place. Please click the link below to read.

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