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      RHMS Mathematics

      Elementary Private School students solve a complex mathematics problem during Math Olympics

      Mathematics at Private Elementary School Toronto #GTA #PrivateSchoolsYorkRegion #BestSchoolsinRichmondHill

    • Mathematics at #PrivateSchoolsinRichmondHill #PrivateElementarySchoolsinToronto #PrivateSchool

      RHMS Mathematics

      RHMS students perform data management exercises in Grade 1 Math

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      RHMS Mathematics

      Grade 7 Private School student mentors Grade 1 on mathematics bar graphs

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Our Mathematics program is rigorous and demanding and includes learning basic mathematical principles and operations while developing problem-solving skills.
Our students are given a solid foundation of core mathematical concepts to assist their understanding of more complex questions. Expectations for pencil and paper skills in mathematical operations are very high. Students are taught to describe what they are doing in mathematics and to explain why they are doing it. Students are able to identify the relationships between mathematical concepts and everyday situations and to make connections between mathematics and other subjects.

Mathematics and numbers are used throughout our daily lives for financial planning, shopping, telling the time, driving, cooking, and so much more. Learning mathematics can often be a challenge for our logical and practical thinking; however, it is a necessary tool we cannot live without. Problem solving, finding a solution, and reaching a clear conclusion comes from a teacher's dedication and a child's eagerness to learn. Mathematics, therefore, becomes a powerful learning tool that allows students to become independent and cognisant of the world around them.

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.