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      RHMS Health

      Elementary Private School Health program develops self-awareness and nutrition knowledge

      Health at #PrivateSchoolsinRichmond Hill #TopPrivateSchool #PrivateSchoolsYorkRegion #PrivateSchoolsinVaughan

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      RHMS Health

      RHMS students examine effects of poor health with a real doctor

      Health Studies at Richmond Hill Montessori Private School #RHMSCA #TopRankedPrivateSchool #PrivateSchool #PrivateElementarySchools

Our Health program develops self-awareness and a detailed knowledge of nutrition; how to protect and take care of the human body; how to exercise and live a balanced lifestyle.
Students are introduced to life skills that can be of value to them in their everyday lives. This subject encourages students to make healthy choices and live active lifestyles.

The focus of this program encompasses the following areas: mental health, family and social health, growth and development, nutrition, exercise and fitness, drugs, diseases and disorders, consumer and personal health, safety and first aid, sexual education (Grades Five to Eight only), and community and environmental health. The program also assists students to understand the health issues that surround them and how to make healthy choices to lead a balanced life.

Nutrition is fundamental for well-being and to meet the growth, development, and activity needs of our students. Staff and parents work together to help students develop attitudes and skills for healthy eating. By creating a supportive environment and encouraging our students to make informed choices, we help them establish patterns for healthy living they’ll carry into adulthood.

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