Grade Seven submission to Heritage Minute contest on the War of 1812. Our video placed second in the contest.
Grade Eight students learn about the stock market and gain money management skills from successful RHMS alumni

Social Studies

Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences: geography, history, philosophy, anthropology, law, economics, political sciences, religion, and sociology. These disciplines cannot be separated when studying the world around us.

At RHMS, the Social Studies curriculum is designed to give our students a solid knowledge of geography; an appreciation of the past through the study of history, helping them develop an understanding of the present; and how to apply this knowledge to daily life.

We view our multicultural RHMS family as the perfect starting point to take our students on a fascinating journey around the world to study different environments, languages, architecture, literature, music, art, and traditions.

This increased understanding will help students develop an increased respect for the contributions of all cultures that have built not only this mosaic we call Canada but also the world as a whole.

Our Social Studies curriculum is integrated at all levels and exposes our students to a variety of hands-on activities meant to broaden their experience with various topics presented at different levels.

RHMS is committed to offering a Social Studies program that provides our students with an invaluable tool: the working knowledge necessary to compete in a global society.

Business & The Economy

At the Intermediate (grade seven and eight) level, RHMS introduces its students to the world of business and the economy. This provides an opportunity to explore technology; understand ethics, the community, and the environment; and how these rapidly changing issues relate to business today. It further explores the nature of the competitive global economy and investigates how individuals and societies can gain the information they need to make appropriate economic decisions.

Students are introduced to macroeconomics and microeconomics; applying economic models and concepts to interpret economic information; assess the validity of statistics; and investigate marketplace dynamics. Students use economic inquiry and communication skills to analyse current economic issues, make informed judgements, and present their findings.

Each year, our grade eight students participate in a stock market simulator. Over the course of eight months, students learn to buy and sell stocks. More importantly, they learn how the stock market works and how politics and law can influence stock prices.

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