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Dear Friends,
Each morning I arrive to school with my three children. As we make our way in, familiar faces greet us. It is funny most days to see how my children know everyone’s name and they theirs. As the Principal and a parent at Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School, there is no greater comfort than knowing my children and their peers are attending a school that upholds the spirit of community. It is within this community that a school culture has evolved that establishes and practices one universal goal: that we can identify and nurture children’s talents, and that every child is enthusiastic about the memories they will create each day at RHMS.
As a leading private school in a diverse and prosperous region of Canada, we are proud to say that our growth is predominantly attributed to the ongoing network of family and friends that are partnered with our school.  We are united to achieve a quality learning environment and, at the same time, an extension of a student’s home where they feel comfortable and welcomed, where they feel confident that they can do anything. 
We pride ourselves in knowing that we are a successive educational community, one that continuously sees our students achieve enormous success.  Wonderfully, it is the parents at RHMS who go out and strongly promote our school, their enthusiasm proving to others that they belong to something very special.  As the future of our school is bright, I continue to strengthen my efforts in working with them to keep RHMS a vibrant school with a sterling reputation. 
Our doors are always open to visitors. We invite you to come and see our traditions, and see how students explore and learn under the supervision and care of some of the most passionate teachers. Their complete approach to education, the delicate guidance and support of all students, helps our students discover who they are and helps them develop into professional, confident young adults.
We are personally committed to these values and together we want to work with you to make your child’s experience at RHMS meaningful.
Mr. D. D’Amato

An Introduction to RHMS

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      RHMS Principal shares his perspective on school life in the Principals Message

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Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.