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      RHMS Music

      Elementary Private School senior students compose music soundtracks

      Music at #RHMSCA #PrivateDaySchool #PrivateElementarySchools #BestPrivateSchoolsinCanada

Our Music program takes an in-depth look into music history and appreciation. Students are taught to listen to and identify music from all musical eras and periods while, at the same time, studying a wide range of composers. From their in-depth exploration, they learn how to create and perform their own music.
Learning a musical instrument is a very rewarding and challenging aspect of our Music program. Students begin formal music class in grade three, where students receive their first full-time taste of music education at RHMS in grade three. The performance stream consists of both the recorder and Orff Instruments. Students in grade three are also exposed to theory rudiments, which include note names, instrument families, simple time signatures and Italian terms. As they continue on into grade four, the shift to World Drumming helps to facilitate coordination, syncopation, classifying compound time signatures, polyrhythmic ensemble playing and other rhythmic notation. World drumming provides a strong foundation for Wind Instrument Ensemble in grades five to eight. Our senior students explore a wide range of topics in obtaining knowledge in vocal health, awareness of voice disorders, understanding the function of the larynx and the possible long-term effects of voice abuse for performers/musicians. In addition, senior students also discover musical independence, through composition and creating music as well as performing on their main instrument. The students prepare to perform at the high school level and are encouraged to perform in the Wind Ensemble.

Opportunities to play percussion instruments in the Wind Ensemble arise for enrichment purposes. Our Junior and Senior Choirs rehearse two times per week regularly throughout the school while our Concert Band rehearses regularly, perform during school events, and participate in competitive music events. Our band and choirs are excellent opportunities for sophisticated teamwork as the children learn and fit their parts together in melodic harmony. RHMS band and choirs compete at top-level performance festivals often bringing home the highest honours.

In addition to providing an exceptional Music program, our school undertakes large productions, each year, like our Annual Music Concert, presented to RHMS families. These types of annual events have become a proud tradition at our school, as we encourage and foster the exceptional talent our students exhibit in their musical and dramatic endeavours.
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      RHMS Music

      Grade 4s in Elementary Private School drum perfomance at Winter Concert

      Music Concert at Private Schools in #GTA #BestSchoolsinRichmondHill #PrivatSchoolsinMarkham #BestPrivateSchoolsintheCountry

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      RHMS Music

      Elementary students tune up before music concert rehearsal

      Music Program at Private Elementary Schools #PrivateSchoolYorkRegion #PrivateSchoolsinToronto #PrivateSchoolsinOntario #PrivateSchoolsinVaughan

A Private School Located in Richmond Hill, Ontario and serving the greater Toronto area since 1986.