"We Provide a Unique Selection of Before and After School Educational Programs for Children"

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  • Contact the Event and Program Administrator

    We provide a number of options for your child's before and after school program. Please contact our Event and Program Administrator at 905-508-2228.
  • Before School Supervision

    From 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m., elementary students have the opportunity to participate in some exciting physical activity in the gym before class starts. Opening the school at 7:00 a.m. enables parents to drop off their child before work and trust their child is being well cared for.
  • Homework Program

    The Homework Program provides a quiet time after the regular school day where students can complete their homework under the care and supervision of their homeroom teachers. The Homework Program takes place from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. involving a smooth transition from the regular school day, giving our students the opportunity to receive extra assistance with their homework, as needed. This hour also enables students to partake in leadership and mentoring opportunities.
  • Mentorship Program

    In conjunction with student progress meetings that take place each month with staff and the school’s Principal, our Mentorship program provides a one-to-one environment for students who require additional help with their academic work. Our mentors are certified teachers who serve as positive role models and invest themselves in students who require help. They also encourage and motivate students to be their best. 

    The Mentorship program, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., offers students a pathway to expand their knowledge base, overcome obstacles, and build on their strengths to make positive choices and develop essential school skills. Students are matched with teachers who display strengths in specific areas. Our teacher-mentors are committed and skilled at strengthening our students academically. In a short time, students are able to return to their regular classroom routine. In addition to improved academic performance, the Mentorship program also helps identify - and develop - stronger social and athletic skills.
  • After School Supervision

    Between 3:10 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., remaining elementary students transition to Study Hall to continue quiet homework and reading time under the care and supervision of our after school teachers. This offers parents the option to pick up their child later, if necessary. Keeping the school open until 6:00 p.m. provides comfort to parents knowing their child is being cared for until they can be picked up.

Student Homework Club

The focus of our Homework Program is to offer ongoing and practical assessment of a student's academic and social needs and to deliver the appropriate help and resources to meet those needs. Targeted toward specific necessities, we are confident that long-term monitoring will allow him/her to excel in all areas. We want your child to excel in their learning, and we act as a vital extension of your family, sharing love and concern, as we work together to build a foundation for your child's happiness and success.

Advanced Digital Media

This exciting program is designed for the student who is already savvy in the creation of artwork through digital means. Participants learn how to extend this knowledge and develop advanced skills using both video and graphic design software. It is amazing what our students produce!
With new themes each term, students acquire techniques they can apply in their school work and creativity at home. From correcting photographs to adding special effects in video, this course prepares students to articulate their dreams through digital means.


Learn the components of a great photograph. Visualize how to 'see' the photograph before actually taking the picture. Students will learn what to look for when taking a very good picture. Students will increase their knowledge and understanding of their camera.
Please Note: programs listed may not be available each term. We reserve the right to cancel any program should it not meet the minimum enrolment requirement. Please contact the Elementary Office for additional information.


Let your creativity shine through! This program will focus on developing the skills necessary to become a great artist. Students will be given lessons in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, origami, cartooning, and more.

Fashion Accessories

This program is for the student interested in fashion and jewellery. Students will create a variety of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, hats, and t-shirts. Walk away from this program with the skills necessary to continue making beautiful jewellery throughout your life.


Twinkle your toes and learn the fundamentals of ballet. Boys and girls are welcome to participate in this graceful and classical form of creative physical expression. No previous experience is required to participate.


Students will delight in preparing delicious and nutritious dishes. Each week, they will follow a recipe from start to finish that they can take home and share with family and friends. All ingredients are included.


Whether new to the game or having some knowledge and skill, this program will allow the student to advance in their playing ability. Beginners will learn fundamentals including piece movement, castling, checkmate, stalemate, and draws. More advanced players will improve their game by learning middle tactic devices, beginning and end game strategies, how to dissect any position, recognize its individual parts and, ultimately, find the best move.


Working with clay allows students to express themselves in a hands-on way. Students will create beautiful and original works that, once fired in the kiln, are food and microwave-safe. Upper grades will also have an opportunity to enhance their fine art skills. Topics will include fine art painting, clay carving, bronzed figure sculpting, dinnerware creating, and more. Kiln-fired clay and lead-free glazes are used.


Students will make their very own puppets. At the end of the program, parents will be treated to a puppet show performed by their children and the characters they have created.


Discover the benefits of meditation and relaxation. Students will have fun learning techniques in breathing, stretching, and beginner yoga poses. Namaste.


Welcome to the wonderful world of tennis. Come and learn how to play or polish up your existing skills. We have a well formulated program consisting of the techniques, drills, and exercises you need to improve your game.


Learn the basic techniques, principles, and moves that karate was founded on. Students will build strength, self-confidence, balance, and respect while learning this Japanese art of self-defence.


Cherish your memories and have fun creating a special keepsake scrapbook that will be yours forever. Enhance your photographs with a multitude of materials such as ribbons, stickers, buttons, and specialty papers.

Multi Sport

Whether your child is a future NHL star or needs to enhance focus and concentration, Multi-Sport will make it happen. This sports program is unique in developing a child's motor skills, which ultimately enhances their confidence and self-esteem. These sports are non-competitive, structured, and fun so that children will have a great time learning. Sports include; hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, and lacrosse. Each week is a different sport. Come and enjoy the fun.


Come and get your body moving! In this exciting class, children will learn choreographed dance routines to music. Students will move their bodies and colourful hoops, balls, ropes, and ribbons to the beat of the music.


Discover why this sport is the most loved, played, and watched throughout the world. This program embraces the nostalgia that the sport has created for over a century. Beginning with teamwork, drills, ball control, and other exercises, students enhance their skills.


Students will enhance their athletic ability, knowledge of the game, self-esteem and confidence. With the aid of skilled instructors, athletes will develop skills through drills, improvement of balance, footwork, defense, ball handling, shooting & passing, and rebounding skills. Students will improve their overall skills and become more well-rounded basketball players.

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