Richmond Hill Montessori Private School
 believes in providing a strong academic foundation, preparing graduating Montessori preschool students for their elementary years and beyond.

In Language, students learn about the development, comprehension, and proper use of the English language. Throughout our three-year program, preschool students learn regular monosyllabic base words, selected multi-syllabic words, general phonograms and, later, irregular words.

In Mathematics, our students begin by learning to understand numbers and later mastering operations in addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

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  • Language

    Language is a core subject that is practiced on a daily basis. For a child to grasp the concepts of science, history, or geography, they must first be well-versed in language. The Montessori reading and writing learning sequence is categorized in three coloured-coded levels: the Pink, Blue, & Green series of readers. Once a child masters a level they move on to the next series.

    The Pink series focuses primarily on a child learning phonetic sounds, building and reading three-letter words. The Blue series places emphasis on learning how to read and write consonant blends. The Green Series introduces more challenging words that contain silent vowels sounds and phonograms. The Pink, Blue, and Green series create a solid foundation in language and provide a natural flow of Montessori phonetic education.

    In addition to the readers, students continue their progress to notebooks and consumables. Consumables are an interactive book series that correspond to the teaching practice of the Montessori language materials allowing a child to continue their work on an abstract level at home by providing repetitive practice. There are as many as eight consumables for our students to use during their three years of Montessori education. Notebooks are also practiced daily to further develop printing & cursive writing skills and nurture the creative writing process.
  • Mathematics

    Mathematics is a core subject that is practiced on a daily basis. As important as developing strong language skills, Mathematics fundamentals are essential for a child to grasp the concepts of science, history, or geography.

    Math concepts and lessons are first presented and practiced using Montessori concrete materials. Examples of Math materials include Sandpaper Numbers, Number Rods, Bead Stair, Stamp Game, and Addition Strip Board, among others. These materials help to develop a child’s logical mathematical mind and problem solving skills. Once a child has mastered a concept, they move toward working at an abstract level.

    Beyond working with these materials, students continue in Mathematics using notebooks. Notebooks are instrumental in the classroom for daily practice of the following: printing numerals, number recognition, numerical order, and mathematical operations.
    • Language and Mathematics at Montessori School in Richmond Hill #MontessoriSchoolsinToronto #Toronto #MontessoriElementarySchool

      Montessori Language and Mathematics

      Language and Mathematics are cores subject in Montessori programs

      Language and Mathematics at Montessori School in Richmond Hill #MontessoriSchoolsinToronto #Toronto #MontessoriElementarySchool

    • Lessons in Mathematics and Language at #BestMontessoriinMarkham #RichmondHillMontessori #MontessoriSchools #MontessoriSchool

      Montessori Language and Mathematics

      Lessons are presented using Montessori concrete materials in Language and Mathematics

      Lessons in Mathematics and Language at #BestMontessoriinMarkham #RichmondHillMontessori #MontessoriSchools #MontessoriSchool

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