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Quest Of The Month

Working with thousands of schools, the online learning platform “Classcraft” has developed the first set of standards for remote learning. Their approach is based on 3 core skills, being an empowered learner; being an engaged learner; and contributing to the learning community. 

Each month, "Classcraft" chooses one awesome teacher-created Quest.  RHMS would like to acknowledge our staff member Ms. Olivia Coady for being selected as their Quest of the Month for her “The X Games: All About Skateboarding” lesson. 

This lesson introduces students to the early history of skateboarding and involves research and response writing. Through articles, video, and online resources, they’ll explore construction, design, and get to design their own skateboards digitally.  It was designed for Ms. Coady’s grade 6 English Language Arts class and it also adapts physics, history, physical education and social studies into the unit. 

Ms. Coady enjoys using this platform for it combines the gaming environment with education, incentives and teamwork.  When interviewed online, her aspirations for her students are that they remember some of the fun lessons and concepts in a class that made them feel loved, safe and heard.  

Click Here to view the Quest Of The Month article and interview

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