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The Art Of Storytelling

Art Café is a yearly event that brings the RHMS community together to recognize the effort and creativity of the amazing students we have!  In addition to this, it helps strengthen our sense of community and provides us with a boost of school spirit!  

The theme for this year’s Art Café was based on telling a story visually.  Similar to the idea of “A picture is worth a thousand words”, students in Montessori and grades 1 through 8 created visual narratives through various art styles and formats, using various art materials.      

The wonderful artwork was on display in Gym 2 on June 27th for the students to enjoy in person. Everyone was able to see some pretty amazing pieces of art!

In addition to the student masterpieces, a large scale set of wings was created and displayed for a photo op.  The “RHMS Wings” were made from printed feather templates that were coloured and designed by students in Montessori to grade 8, as well as RHMS staff.

Congratulations to our winners and to all of the students who participated in our 2022 RHMS Art Café!

Click on the link below to view this year’s RHMS Art Café

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