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The Dot

The Dot by Peter.H.Reynolds has inspired millions of children and adults around the world to encourage growth, relationships between students and teachers and our connections as human beings .  The book is about a caring teacher who encourages a student named Vashti to “make her mark”. Vashti could not draw, so she simply made a single dot on a piece of paper.  This little dot was just the beginning of Vashti’s journey of self-discovery. 

Every year, RHMS recognizes International Dot Day.  It is an opportunity for our students to connect, collaborate and embrace self-expression.

RHMS students showed their school spirit on Thursday, September 15th and participated in many wonderful activities such as wearing a shirt or an accessory with dot(s) on it and creating bright colourful artwork with the theme as their guide.  Our grade one students enjoyed using the RHMS outdoor Amphitheatre to showcase their musical talents, they performed The Dot song based on the story beautifully!

As a community, we encourage our students to always celebrate their uniqueness, creativity and confidence everyday.  Always remember to “make your mark”!

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