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Discovering Digital Art

RHMS students in Grades 3 through 8 completed a Digital Art unit that focused on learning the tools and techniques in art by using their devices.  Each grade level created different styles of digital art with programs such as Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.  The Grade 3 and 4 classes were formally introduced to their digital art programs, learning the interface and the tools needed to create amazing works of art. 

At the end of the unit, the students combined all of their new skills to create a final digital piece. Some of the completed designs included art style mandalas, fruit bowl creations, name creations in graffiti style fonts with an illusion of a graffiti style photo on a brick wall using layers and effects, silhouette figures made from photos, font alteration using gold letters and illuminated manuscript letters and creations of vector style postcards put together by drawing vectors, altering fonts and layering effects.

Each grade level had the opportunity to strengthen their digital art program knowledge base and skill set. They will continue to build upon what they know each academic year.  One of the best things about digital painting? No messy paint to clean up!

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