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    • RHMS Primary Science Lab
    • Grade 7 Students Build Robotic Arm

Science is both a body of knowledge and an experimentation process within the natural world. Our Science program encompasses a set of principles and methods for investigating all aspects of the physical world. Theories and methods are constantly re-evaluated as new information becomes available. Students are taught to have a deep respect for the environment and are shown ways to act as environmental stewards.

Our Science program allows students to learn of scientific accomplishments, past and present. In addition, students have the opportunity to experience scientific studies that inspire a sense of wonder and respect for life and the environment. Our students are guided through the scientific process of developing a hypothesis, followed by experimentation, evaluation, and reaching a conclusion.

Beginning in Grade Five, students participate in our Science Expo. Each student chooses his/her own question from any area of science such as biology, chemistry, or engineering, to investigate, research, and experiment. Students then present their conclusions to a panel of judges and their classroom peers.

In Grades Seven and Eight, top projects are chosen to represent Richmond Hill Montessori & Elementary Private School at the annual York Region Sci-Tech Fair. 

Robotics Program

As part of the Science & Technology program at RHMS, the Robotics Program sparks student interest and curiosity in engineering and mathematics. Formed into teams, students are able to problem solve, be independent thinkers, be effective team members, and learn how to communicate well with their peers.

Students apply reasoning, questioning, researching and critical thinking skills to construct the most efficient of programmable Lego robots. Students build and program Lego/Tetrix robots to find answers to challenges presented. Our observations have shown that this program has a positive effect on a student’s enthusiasm to learn and to achieve.

In the spring of each year, RHMS students attend the Canadian First Robotics Competition Event which takes place at one of the nation’s elite engineering institutions. The University of Waterloo plays host to many school teams whose robots will compete for their schools and the companies that support them. In the heart of Waterloo’s world-class high-tech corridor, teams will get a chance at a berth at the First Robotics Competition World Championship, each year held in different locations.
    • RHMS' 2017 Gold/Silver/Bronze winners and the Junior Innovation Award winner from YRSTF (York Region Science and Tech Fair)

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