Montessori School Program at RHMS

The Montessori philosophy and method of teaching fosters a loving, independent environment tailored to the individual needs and development of each student.
Montessori School classrooms at RHMS include students who are three years 8 months, four, and five years of age, providing an abundance of opportunities for learning, helping to create a sense of community where everyone contributes to and takes responsibility for the functioning and maintenance of the environment (classroom). The older children provide leadership and guidance, and act as models for the younger children; they benefit by helping the younger children, reinforcing skills and knowledge previously learned, and gain satisfaction and self-worth by helping others. Our classrooms have no more 20 students with two fulltime experienced staff members.  

Montessori Schools and their curriculum, like the world, must evolve in order to insure they become leading Private Educational Institutions. Our Montessori School is committed to remaining current and preparing its students to participate fully and effectively in today's society.

At RHMS, we are very proud of our long-standing Montessori teachers, some of whom have chosen to work at RHMS from other Montessori Schools in Toronto. They have been with us for many years and bring vast experience and dedication to our program. Their loving and nurturing nature, along with their enthusiasm for teaching, has provided a wonderful environment for children to learn.
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