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Environmental Education

Grade 1 students learn how to keep our environment clean and green.
This month, the grade ones will be learning about how to keep our environment clean and tidy! We know that waste can harm the environment because it creates too much pollution. Luckily, we are learning ways and making changes to keep our environment dirt-free.
The grade one class talked about how waste can come from different places and can be categorized in different ways. As soon as we finished having a class discussion about the impact we make on our planet, all the students were eager to properly throw their garbage in the appropriate disposals. Rachael now knows that her plastic spoons and forks belong in the recycling bin, and Portia is extra careful to clean up her crumbs using a broom and dustpan. Aidan especially enjoys helping his mother pack litter-less lunches for school, and Maxim understands that when he outgrows his uniform, he can give it to another student to use.
For students to be healthy we need to live in a healthy environment. The small changes each of us can make will add to big changes which will help make our environment healthier now and for the future. 

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