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Don’t Just Play Games, Create Them!

RHMS student Mark re-creates the “Geometry Dash” video game in computer studies. 
What do Dan TDM and RHMS student Mark have in common? They both have created AWESOME videos of themselves playing games! What don’t they have in common? Mark actually created his game HIMSELF
In Computer Studies, The Grade 5’s have been using the iPad app Hopscotch to make their very own versions of some of your favorite mobile video games.  So far we have re-created the classic games Crossy Road and Geometry Dash and Flappy Bird. In Mark’s video you can see him not only playing his game, but explaining how it works, and the coding involved in making it all happen. 

This is an incredible example of the mission of RHMS’s Computer Studies department to “develop digital creators, not just digital consumers.

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