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Science Olympians Go For Gold!

Elementary students participate in different engineering challenges. 
Congratulations to all Science Olympics participants for putting excellent effort into their design challenges.  The children used their creativity, critical thinking and teamwork skills to work through different grade-specific tasks. These future engineers truly demonstrated “out-of-the-box” thinking last week.  Way to go!
The winning teams from each grade:
Grade 1: Hayden, Sasha, and Cara
Grade 2: Karleigh, Johny, Sam, and Matthew
Grade 3: Andrea, Kaitlyn, and Megan
Grade 4: Ava, David, and Jason
Grade 5: Jade, Stephanie, and Caitlyn
Grade 6: Reanna, Ana-Maria, and Matthew
Grade 7 and 8: Anthony, Zachary and Daniel

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