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Grade Three Scientists Beta-Test New Game App!

Children play and critique new “iBiome Oceans” game in science class.
The grade three students are making future science games better by beta-testing iBiome Oceans before the game is released this spring. Games-based learning offers our students the means to merge their hobbies and interests outside the classroom with learning opportunities inside the classroom. These techniques demonstrate our commitment to finding the most engaging way possible for our students to learn.

The iBiome Oceans game takes children on a journey through different ocean habitats, each containing different organisms for the children to explore.  They identify the living things as producers or consumers and make food chains.  Each level allows children to learn more about the organisms, the environment, and problems the habitats may face, such as overfishing.

The children offered amazing feedback about what they enjoyed and what they felt could be improved.  They also found some bugs that needed to be fixed! Interesting suggestions the children provided include adding voice over reading, adding more plants and animals, and adding a “continue” button on certain pages.

Aside from getting sneak peek into their Habitats unit, many grade threes expressed interest in creating their own science games and asked the game developer cool questions about how to get started. Success in science begins with curiosity and wonder, and here, the grade threes have no limits!

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