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The Art Of Eating Well

Students learn about nutrition, sustainability and business practices at Nature’s Emporium.
The grade 7 and 8 students have been learning about sustainability (Science, Social Studies), how to build and maintain an environmentally sound business (Business Math) and Nutrition for Life (Health). There was no better place to go to get hands-on experience than Nature's Emporium! Established in 1993, Nature's Emporium is one of Canada's leading health food stores, committed to sustainable, healthy living and supporting a natural lifestyle within our community. Its knowledgeable nutritionists and dieticians specialize in teaching others about the importance of healthy eating and how the food we eat arrives at our table. Alongside Mrs. Petrescu, Ms. Fernandes, Ms. Bernard, and Mr. Rafferty, the students spent a morning immersed in the world of nutrition.

Along with valuable information on nutrition, sustainability and business practices, the students took home recipes of the delicious food they had the chance to sample. Overall, our visit to Nature's Emporium was both fun and educational.

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