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Leaping To Learn!

Montessori students explore the world of syllables.
We may not have had much snow to play in this month but that didn't stop us from having fun.  What better way to get children to learn something new than combining it with something they are all experts at...JUMPING!  This month we explored syllables.  Children were given words and asked to jump out how many syllables the word had.  We started off simple with words like “jump”, “frog” and “clock”, but jumping is fun so why stop at one?  Words with 2 and 3 syllables were very popular, but of course, they wanted to jump more.  We explored 4 syllable words like “January”, “Australia”, “alligator” and “Canadian”.  At first the children didn’t think there were any words with 5 syllables, but when asked to jump out words such as “multiplication”, “hippopotamus”, “refrigerator” and “Tyrannosaurus” they became very excited and wanted words with 6 syllables.  We ended our lesson with the word “responsibility” and many breathless and thirsty children. 

Continue to explore syllables at home, help us add to our list of 5 and 6 syllables words.  Have fun!

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