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Surveying The Masses

Grade 7's survey the masses and the results are heart-warming.
After finishing our statistics chapter in math, rather than write a chapter test, we were given a special assignment where we were to survey the RHMS students and teachers, asking different questions based on the Holiday Market in November. The assignment’s purpose was to practice writing appropriate questions without bias, learning how to survey a large population with minimum errors and producing reliable/valid results; as well as, to help prepare us for our big project next year: the Grade 8 Business Expo.  
While surveying the RHMS community was challenging, we experienced some very unique and special interactions with various students in the lower grades.  One situation in particular, when a grade four student was asked  how they preferred to spend time with their family during the winter months, instead of choosing the usual activities like skiing, skating, tobogganing or even going on vacation,  this student chose “other” and said they just like to spend time with their family.  We were very touched and were very happy to hear that response.
Overall, we learned a lot about surveying large populations and what to or not to sell next year; and most importantly, we are very excited (and nervous) to start the Business Expo next year in Grade Eight!

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