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Intense Integer Interactions

Grade 5 students learn about the world of integers.
An integer is a whole number that is not a fraction. The grade 5’s have been learning about integers this term and were asked to demonstrate their understanding it in a whole new way - through a variation of a traditional card game.
The students were paired up and were equipped with a deck of cards. They counted to three and laid down a card each. The heart and diamond suits represented positive integers, while the club and spade suits represented negative integers. Once the cards were laid down, the first person to solve the negative and positive problem won. For example, if one student laid down the two of diamonds and the other student laid down the four of spades, the first student to solve the equation (+ 2) + (-4) would win.
The Grade 5’s took this opportunity to learn more about the world of integers through a fun and dynamic game of cards.

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