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Taking A Magical Journey

“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”  (Dr. Seuss) 
This month the Montessori students were discussing Famous Authors as part of our monthly theme. The children were exposed to various books by many authors. One author that we explored was famed Canadian author Barbara Reid whom we had the pleasure and privilege of meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2017.  Barbara came to RHMS to visit with our Montessori students.

Barbara has written many well-known books such as: The New Baby Calf, Fox Walked Alone, Subway Mouse, Have You Seen Birds? Picture A Tree and many more.  With much excitement and anticipation the children could not wait to see what Barbara had brought to share with them. Barbara was also very excited to meet the Preschool children of RHMS.

During her visit, Barbara took the time to share her years of hard work, passion and dedication with the children through pictures she took of her art work and books. She also read two stories and had the children interact and participate in a read out loud story of one of her books entitled, “Read Me A Book” as well as singing songs and rhymes and actions from another book called, “Sing A Song Of Bedtime”. At the end of her presentation, Barbara took some time to answer the many questions that our Montessori students had for her. She even showed the children various samples of her art work and how they were used as illustrations in her books. She showed the children what it was like to work with plasticine as a different medium for art illustrations in her books as well as the simple tools she uses to help bring her art to life.

Overall, the Montessori children enjoyed Barbara Reid’s visit. She was fun, interactive and informative. She encouraged all of the children to read books and be creative. We thank Barbara Reid for instilling the love of reading to the young and old alike,  as her books have been admired and read for many years and will continue to be. 

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