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And The Winners Are…

Grades 7 and 8 Science Expo Winners.
On February 23rd, our Grades 7 and 8 students competed in RHMS’s annual Science Expo. Students came up with an original topic that fell into one of seven challenges: discovery, health, energy, environment, information, resources, or innovation. The projects this year covered a variety of topics, from hydroponics to the optimal living conditions for paramecia. A big thank you to Mr. Rafferty, Mrs. Senior, Mrs. Sadler, Ms. Machado, Mr. Nguyen, Ms. Matthews, Patrick Sem, Geoffrey Sem, and Matthew Sem for their participation as RHMS judges this year. In the end, six winning projects were chosen from both grades. Here are the winners:

Grade 8
Gold - Ariz (“Is it possible to create a diagnostic kit that detects evidence of bruxism and sleep apnea?”)
Silver - Alya (“Plants in Motion”)
Bronze - Rohan (“Do extra measures such as base isolators or dampers really aid in slowing down the acceleration of a building during an earthquake?”)

Grade 7
Gold - Kishan and Ethan (“Solar Desalination”)
Silver - Tiffany (“What Type of Soil Pollution Affects Plant Growth More?”)
Bronze - Sarah (“Can different types of plants reduce the amount of bacteria found in your home?”)
The five top projects at the fair (Ariz, Alya, Rohan, Natalie. M. and Aditi, and Kishan and Ethan) will go on to represent RHMS at the York Regional Science and Technology Fair on April 1st at York University. We wish them good luck!

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