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Scintillating Sustainability

Grade 8 students complete a unit on Global Settlement. 
In Social Studies class, our Grade 8 students completed a unit on “Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability”. Their culminating project was to create a sustainable, green and smart community. It was very exciting to watch the young designers and urban planners at work! We took the time to reflect back on the experience and this is what they had to say about the project.
 “Living sustainably means making choices that do not damage or use up resources for the future. Sustainable living is an example of environmental stewardship. Sustainability is not only about the environment, it’s also about the economy and its social aspects. We must make an effort to apply the principles of sustainability to our society, and this is exactly what we, grade 8 students, did!”
“Our job was to create an ideal smart growth community, and the ideas we come up with were rather fascinating. From living walls to plastic roads to solar panels, our communities had them all! It is through this project that we learned what truly makes a community sustainable. To sum up all the research and planning, we finished with a presentation to the class, teaching each other all about our own vision of sustainability. When we collaborate and share our thoughts with each other, we inspire each other and become more open minded and this is the only way we can achieve true sustainability. As a school and as the future generation of Canada, it is important for us to recognize what we can do to help, and we hope that we have achieved that!”
By: Anika, Natalie, Aditi, Annelie, Paniz, Dulari and Amy (8A)

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