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Giving The Gift Of Joy

Six Grade 8 students created and donated several craft kits to the Yellow Brick House charity. 
After the RHMS Business Expo had ended, Holiday Express donated all the remainder of their DIY kits to Yellow Brick House. Yellow Brick House is a charity that helps abused women and children in York Region. They donated three different types of DIY kits which all included materials to make different crafts. Instead of letting these kits go to waste, the students decided that they should be given to other children during the holiday season.

Holiday Express donated approximately 250 kits to the charity. They received a letter from Yellow Brick House thanking them for their donation and also explained that the kits were helpful and that the children enjoyed using them. The children are now using these kits and we hope that it will continue to bring them joy!
By: Tiffany and Alya

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