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A “Reptilicious” Day In Our Montessori Classrooms

Montessori students learned all about reptiles.
Preschool children had the chance to meet and feel so many different reptile animals during the Reptilia visit.  They got to feel Gus the turtle and learned that turtle’s shells are made up of bones. Children also met Leona the leopard gecko and Stubby the blue-tongued skink. Children learned that blue-tongued skink is omnivorous and their scary looking blue tongue only acts as a bluff-warning to potential enemies and is not actually poisonous. We also found out tarantulas are not as scary as we think. They are actually very gentle.
The highlight of the visit was when children got to meet the milk snake, bull snake and the ball python. Children were so brave that they wanted to experience having a snake on their neck! Children were invited to go visit the Reptilia Zoo to meet and learn more about our reptile and amphibian friends. What a fun-filled day! 

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