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Stormy Times

Students work together to recreate natural disasters that occurred in history during social studies. 
This term in Social Studies, as part of our unit on Natural Disasters, our students worked in partners to research a natural disaster which actually occurred in history.  The students chose various disasters (volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, fires, plaques etc.) to research. 

Then, using their laptop computers and their knowledge of Google Slides, they completed six research questions based on their topic.  They presented this information on slides, also using pictures, charts and diagrams of the region and area affected by the disaster.  To show mastery of their topic, the students made a brief, oral presentation of their topic to the class where they summarized their learning and answered questions from classmates on the type of disaster, causes of it, effects on humans and the relief effort.  All the students learned so much from this relevant and current topic in Social Studies. 

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